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Ask any SEO content marketer about LSI keywords and you will get 2 hours long lecture on why LSI keywords matter and how beneficial it is in blog strategy. Indeed, for the purpose of high rank on Google, one can hardly ignore semantic keywords in 20th century. Below we round up 3 free LSI keyword tools we believe are amazing at researching variations of the word for your content. Following our tradition of testing the tools with real life examples, take a look at “running shoes” keyword.

1. LSI Graph 

Extremely user friendly website with entertaining interface. With more than 500 shares on social media, this tool is featured more and more in the context of best LSI keyword generator tool. According to LSI Graph itself:

In practical terms, Google has confirmed that by using more LSI keywords, your page will typically rank better.


2. Keyword Gen 

As we first discovered this newly emerged tool on Twitter, the description said:


Indeed, this tool operates similar to ubersuggest, but it definitely has more vibe to it. Let’s give the team a credit for creative loading captions. For example: “calculating meaning of life” or “entertaining you while you wait”.  We will keep an eye on KeywordGen and looking forward for more keyword features.


3. Keyword Finder

Marketed as “easy to everyone”, this tool is giving much more than what you would expect from free keyword generator tool. Sort keywords by difficulty and relevancy and check SEO competition. For our example “running shoes” the SEO difficulty score is 45, which means “possible” but not “go for it” yet! Incorporate resulted LSI keywords in title and description tag, as well as text body.


Following the content marketing trends of 2016, keyword stuffing is what you really want to avoid at all costs.

Bonus Round: Twinword Ideas

Another recently launched tool Twinword Ideas will help you get semantically related keywords and check statistics on the fly.

Check Out Twinword Ideas

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Check Out Twinword Ideas


  1. As we all know that LSI Keywords plays an imperative role In SEO and very useful to rank our post earlier in search engines. Well you have shared some great tools to find LSI Keywords instantly by little effort.

    Keep sharing

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