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Twinword has unveiled the second edition of its online writing application: Twinword Writer. It is a free writing platform that allows instant search for synonyms and related words. When the user pauses on a word, Twinword Writer will automatically sense the pause, analyze the context of the written text, and open a box suggesting alternative words. Each word has up to 10 kinds of reference terms. The 10 word categories include synonyms, context words, theme words, broad terms, narrow terms, evocations, derived terms, and antonyms.


“Created to address the problem of Writer’s block,” as emphasized by CEO Kono Kim, “Our technology utilizes natural language processing and computer linguistics to gather data. To date, we have a database of approximately 1,200,000 reference words for more than 140,000 words.” Their word database is constantly being updated by the masses’ direct participation, through various methods of analyzing how people associate concepts and words in their mind, using vocabulary and psychological tests.

The latest edition of Twinword Writer provides added features such as:

1. Tone Analyzer – Reads and understands the context of the writing, giving users feedback on the tone of their writing from a scale of positive to negative

2. Semantic Highlighter – Allow users to identify which words they are repeating too much

3. Topic Tagger – Detects and generates human-like topics to the written text based on contextual language understanding

About Twinword: Founded in 2012 by CEO Kono Kim who has past experience in big data processing with Samsung’s VOC classification system, Twinword’s technology collects the understanding of human conceptual mind through the powerful science of word association via application platforms such as vocabulary and psychological assessments. Twinword integrates big data and leverages on resources in real life setting, having people around the world to contribute to their current database, while at the same time generating trend-discovery artificial intelligence.


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