3 Ways to Use Twinword Ideas Beyond Keyword Research

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If I tell you “keyword research tool” what comes to your mind?

The typical picture we all have in your heads is search bar, list of keywords, couple of links, statistics and graphs (if lucky!).

If you look closely at the best keyword research tools from , most of them are more than just a simple keywords generator tools. Answer the Public as one of the examples, spins off the traditional perception of how keywords are found and presented.

Twinword Ideas is a relatively new player in SEO market with the background in Natural Language Processing and text analysis. The algorithm explores how computers or in other words machines understand human text.

Apart from providing LSI keywords as listed suggestions to your query, Twinword Ideas can also be used as a tool for statistics, semantic keyword brainstorming and user intent.

Twinword Ideas Suggest

1. User Intent

Even though the core identity of the tool is related to Artificial Intelligence, we can not ignore the purpose of Twinword Ideas in the context of marketing. At the end of the day, clients and customers of your website are not machines and should be treated as humans without witnessing any trace of keyword stuffing.

twinword ideas user intent


From the list of hundred suggestions how do you classify the keywords? Do you go through the list one by one?

Understanding user intent with Twinword Ideas is as easy as research for keywords.

Simply sort keywords categorized by user intent so you would know exactly when to target these keywords.

Check out what Twinword Ideas’s developer has to say about user intent.


2. Brainstorming 

Remember those days when you had to think of all the related keywords straight from your head? There is no doubt, it is a fruitful process, however it can be accelerated with keyword brainstorming tools.

Automated tools provide you with twice as much suggestions, so you can focus on what’s really important in your content strategy. Twinword Ideas incorporates visual representation of both closely and loosely related semantic keywords to help you quickly visualize keywords.

How can you use brainstorming tab?

  1. Imagine you just got the keyword suggestions from the tool from “Suggest” tab
  2. You sort the list by selected user intent (know, do, buy, local, web)
  3. In case you stumbled upon unknown keyword, copy and paste it into “Graph” tab
  4. See the usages of this keyword, related terms and tweets from Twitter (so you know right away your potential target audience!)


twinword ideas graph

3. Statistics

Have you ever wondered how many people googled a specific term or name like “Donald Trump”?

Is the search volume for keyword “Bella Hadid” higher than Gigi’s?

Twinword Ideas is a quick way to find out the answers. Apart from search volume, see Adwords competition all at once for a given term.

If you need a quick solution to “what is a search volume and competition” check “Import” tab at Twinword Ideas.

twinword ideas import


So if you had a chance to check the tool, did you use it purely for keyword research or also for brainstorming, import and user intent?

Remember, there is always a room for creativity, even in such tedious task as keyword research. Make it an exciting journey, rather than a routine. Check Twinword Ideas Right Know! 

Have any questions about Twinword Ideas or SEO? Ask us anytime down in the comments or on Twitter with #twinwordideas tag.



Team Twinword
Team Twinword
Team Twinword built the first keyword research tool that can automatically detect user intent, topic, and pattern. The tool uses AI technology to automatically create keyword suggestion groups based user intent, detected topic and pattern, or a custom topic and pattern. Keyword research is faster with AI.

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