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There are so many ways to increase productivity. I don’t know about you, but in our office, we’d even debate over whether two minutes spent on a certain task is worthy of our time. We hate wasting time on unnecessary task, and that is why we love Twinword Finder!

If you would just spend the next two minutes of your time reading the below, I guarantee that you will be saving so much more two minutes in the future. The table is a summary of what Twinword Finder does that native browser find function is unable to.

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1. Option To Search For Related Words

Unlike the native browser search function which only allows searches for an exact word or phrase, Twinword Finder allows you to search for related words or even phrases! Now what do I mean by that? An example will be that when you search for the word “prisoner”, Twinword Finder will trigger the search for related words such as “convict”, “criminal” and “imprisonment” etc.

This is especially useful when you can’t recall the exact word to search for. Just key in similar words and Twinword Finder will pick up the relevant content for you automatically!


2. Highlights Only Relevant Paragraphs For You

We waste a lot of time skimming through huge chunk of text just to find what we want to read. With Twinword Finder, you can stop read-searching and start focus-finding. Twinword Finder doesn’t only highlight the words on a web page that matches your search query, it identifies the topic of your query and highlights all relevant contents.

Backed by the science of Semantic Search, this browser search tool aims to help reduce research time by providing related search results with improved accuracy, through understanding searcher intent and the contextual meaning of terms to generate more relevant results. No more straining of eyes looking through pages of text.

Now we’re talking about productivity! 😉


3. Remembers The Term You Searched For

Let’s use an example for this.
– You visit google.
– Searched for “the happiest population in the world”
– Google generates a list of search results
– You clicked on one of the links
– You stare at the webpage
– You think to yourself: which paragraphs are talking about “the happiest population in the world”??

Without having to type in your search term “the happiest population in the world” again on the web page, Twinword Finder will remember your search term and prompt you to search for it on the current web page. Clicking yes will allow Twinword Finder to highlight the relevant information particular to “the happiest population in the world”.


4. Understands Word Relationships


Twinword Finder recognizes relationships between words. As shown in the word map above, searching for “cold meats” will generate the results for “ham”, “bread”, “beef” and etc.


5. Flexibility To Customize

With Twinword Finder, you can control the search distance to get more closely related words or more loosely related ones. Get more specific results by entering multiple search terms to match only words connected to all of them. The more you enter, the more specific your results are.

You could also further customize Twinword Finder by adding words to ignore list to prevent them from showing up and deselecting words from the word map to generate a more specific result.

Well, they say Time Is Money! Stop wasting money now, and get your research done in a more efficient way with Twinword Finder!
You can add this extension to your Chrome internet browser here:
Twinword Finder Homepage




Cindy Kang
Cindy Kang
SEO Marketing Consultant at Twinword, Inc.

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