List of 5 Most Popular Startup Jargon

List of 5 Most Popular Startup Jargon caption

Every industry has its own unique jargon or glossaries, that have exclusive aura upon industry “experts”. Consulting or MBA prevail in jargon terminology. Booming startup sector is not an exception either. Take a look at the most widespread jargon and phrases used for describing tech savy opportunities.


1. MVP

Creative way to come up with the bare minimum product for validation. Are you making the right assumptions about new features? Avoid high costs and risk by testing and validating MVP first, before you roll out the major product launch. Minimum Viable Product is destined to have only essential features to win hearts of beta testers.

2. Deck or Pitch Deck 

Quick overview of your business model to impress investors. Keep it short to leave strong impact! Include slides of your powerful team, industry competitors and your product advantage. Find the most compelling templates from Slidebean.

3. Disrupt

Have you ever witnessed online headings like “how can technology disrupt banking industry?” or even “TechCrunch’s Disrupt technology conference?” If you are “revolving” in the startup world, this term appears constantly. What does it exactly mean?

Disrupt is simply the replacement of old traditional methods by new innovative technology. (You can catch another startup jargon here, innovative). In other words, it is a powerful shift from established market players to new leaders, that impact society and business overall.

4. Pivot

Have your startup or startup of your acquaintances pivoted along the way? Once pursuing one business model, after some time CEO decides to switch the directions and pursue another strategic goal in potentially different sector. The change, indeed, is promised to be impactful and worth the time and cost. Not only business idea is bound to change, pivot can happen in target audience too.

Youtube is one of the most famous pivoting examples. Starting off as a video dating site, Youtube changed it direction to a simple platform for sharing videos. The decision to pivot can be viewed as a radical one, however, after the glimpse of opportunity and effective estimation, pivot might be the right solution for the company.

5. Black Hat  

If you have been catching up on SEO techniques, you have probably stumbled upon this term. In SEO black hat refers to the aggressive use of various techniques for high ranking not targeted towards human, but computers. In other words, malicious intent defines “black hat”. It includes keyword stuffing, link farms or invisible text.

Twinword Ideas can help you avoid keyword stuffing as one of the examples of black hat SEO. 

Have you ever created an MVP with a disruptive technology? If so, you are making a change to the world along with millions of other startups. Share in the comments down below what is your favorite startup jargon and in case you find it overrated, express the reason why.


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