5 Facts That Will Change The Way You Approach Twinword

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If I were to tell you about Twinword in a line, it would be:



1. Twinword’s Core Technology Is In Natural Language Processing

“Natural Language Processing is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence, and computational linguistics concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages.” -Wikipedia

In simple terms, our technology is a marriage between machine learning and human computation, which allows the computer to understand human text.


2. We Provide 13 APIs (available in RapidAPI)

We currently provide 13 APIs, plus a text analysis bundle plan, cconsumable in the API Marketplace RapidAPI. Click on the individual links to try out the APIs on our demo page.


Word Associations | Sentiment Analysis | Topic Tagging | Text Classification |

Word Graph Dictionary | Word Quiz | Language Scoring | Lemmatizer | Visual Context Graph | Text Analysis Bundle


3. We Provide 5 Applications

Click on the icons to find out more.


Online Creative Writing Platform


Advanced Ctrl+F Search Tooltwinword-mind

Psychology and Personality Test


Visual Word Associations Graphtwinword-exam

Vocabulary Test Platform For English Language Learners


4. Twinword’s Competitive Advantage

Most big data firms utilize written text from the web or social network. Twinword’s technology however, leverage on human computation on top of machine learning.

By having human’s participation (through usage of our applications), Twinword’s technology engage human cleansing of data, which is a more sophisticated way of learning, as machine-learning algorithm alone does not guarantee qualitative result.

In other words, the more users utilize our applications, the stronger Twinword’s text understanding technology will grow.


5.  We Are Passionate About Artificial Intelligence

Our team strongly believed that text analysis is the next generation of big data and artificial intelligence. Abundance of unstructured data is no data until they are translated into structured actionable information.

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Cindy Kang
Cindy Kang
SEO Marketing Consultant at Twinword, Inc.

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