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We all know the importance of content marketing for businesses in today’s world. Gone were the days where marketing efforts were heavily placed on advertisements and promotions. Well, not saying that advertising and promotions are dead marketing strategies, but more saying that content marketing is the new favorite.


Many businesses today manage their own blog. In case you are not familiar with the title, a Content Marketer manages the company blog and is responsible for the creation of creative blog/social platform materials.

As a content marketer, I found myself facing the same common problems that probably millions of other marketers did.

* How can I generate a list of keywords for search engine optimization?
* Is there a faster solution to finding topic tags for my content?
* What are some related words I can use instead of repeating the same old expressions?
* I need more vocabulary to make my content more interesting!
* How do I make sure my writing doesn’t sound too biased?

If you are nodding your head in agreement at this point, feeling the exact sentiments, I have a good solution for you.

Twinword Writer, our online content generating platform is a complete one-stop platform to address marketer’s woes. Designed and built with Twinword’s natural language processing APIs, it is capable of:

* Generating topic tags and related keywords for SEO
* Allowing instant search for synonyms and associated vocabulary
* Analyzing the tone of content (positive/negative)
* Generating ideas for content building

Try out Twinword Writer now!



Charles Kim
Charles Kim

Contributor at Twinword, Inc.

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