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We all want to be a good writer, right?

However, similar to Eddie Morra in the movie “Limitless” (2011), we all encounter something called “writer’s block”.

The movie follows the myth that we utilize only 20% of our brain potential. Eddie takes a miraculous pill that unlocks 100% of it!

Before the pill, he couldn’t even start his novel because of writer’s block. After the pill, he writes 90 pages in one night!

Scene from Limitless movie

Though this pill may only be science fiction, it is not far from fact in regards to thesauruses.

Did you know that thesauruses only contain about 20% of the words our brains know to be synonyms and related words? Why are we letting this limited resource hold back 100% of our creativity?

Our brains know more words than thesauruses can help us recall, but how can we access ALL those words?

Twinword Writer is a platform built on Twinword API, powered by the latest NLP technology. This writing platform knows more than thesauruses. It knows humans and how words are connected in our brains. With Twinword Writer, you will have access to 100% of all the related words our brains associate, unlocking the words stuck deep inside.

Scene from Limitless movie

What will you write if you had 100% word potential?


Twinword Writer

Powered by Twinword API

Kono Kim
Kono Kim

I am interested in natural language processing that combines computer science and linguistics. I believe the current level of AI and NLP technology is not enough to meet people’s expectation due to lack of qualitative training data for machine. I’d like to overcome this using human computation and data collection platform.

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