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Did you know that you can utilize the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F to execute a find-on-page search? If you do, give yourself a pat on the back. While many of you may roll your eyes and think that “Come on, who doesn’t know that!”, you will be surprised that statistics proved otherwise. According to a technology blog The Alantic, 90 percent of the US Internet population does not know how to use CTRL/Command + F to find a word in a document or web page!

I (heart) Ctrl+F.

I was shocked like you too. Not over the fact that people doesn’t use the shortcut keys, but relating to how much time has been wasted skimming through long documents just to look for the relevant information.

There is no doubt that Google search engine has made our lives so much easier by giving us the ability to retrieve information at the split of a second. But we humans, are not computers, and much as we are superior in cognitive thinking, we are unable to process and scan through documents the way a computer does. Which brings me to my main point, why not make use of “electronic life hacks” to enhance your search experience?

If you haven’t already heard about Twinword Finder on Lifehacker, you really ought to check out this productivity search tool. This chrome extension is giving CTRL + F a new polished name. On top of the native browser search function, you can now utilize semantic search with CTRL + F! (Never heard about semantic search? Read about it on previous post: What Is Semantic Search?)

Twinword Finder makes your search process a breeze by not limiting your on-page search to match only exact words, but also related terms. (Plus the search results are returned in highlighted paragraphs for easy reading!)

“But sometimes I want to search for the exact words/phrase!”

Yes I heard you. Here is one tip on how to have the best of both worlds: Twinword Finder allows for customization, so all you have to do is to go into the settings, and set the shortcut key to CTRL + SHIFT + F. This way, when you want to search for exact words, hit CTRL + F, when you need to search for related words and filter information, hit CTRL + SHIFT + F. Easy peasy!

Now promise me one thing. If you haven’t been using CTRL + F to search, start today! Here’s the link to Twinword Finder’s Homepage to get you started!

Repeat after me: I Love CTRL + F!



Cindy Kang
Cindy Kang
SEO Marketing Consultant at Twinword, Inc.

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