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If the days of burning midnight oil to study for exams or rushing to meet the deadline for your assignments has been long over for you, chances are that you would have at least attempted to write a resume.

What makes a good resume? Have you been sending out tons of resumes but getting low (or no) response? We all agree that first impression, the way you carry yourself and body language are some of the vital qualities to nailing an interview. But even before that, how can we make sure that our resumes or CVs stand out amongst hundreds of applicants? How can we attract the attention of the hiring manager?


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The hiring process is such that hiring managers will have to sift and go through hundreds of resume to shortlist suitable candidates for interview. This however, is a tedious process which is why many hiring managers are skimming through piles of CVs instead of sifting through each and every one of them.

Putting ourselves in their shoes, can you imagine having to read the same old set of phrases and words, everyday? Taking an example, the old fashioned way of writing would sound like:

“Led a team of 5 to complete an innovative project” 

It could be improved simply by choosing to use a different word, for instance:

“Spearheaded a team of 5 and successfully accomplished an innovative project”

The latter escalates the scale of the task mentioned, due to the different words chosen. It also gives a positive impression as compared to the first sentence, which blatantly described the accomplishment.

Resumes are written representations of ourselves, the deciding factor of whether we are able to score an interview for the desired position. It doesn’t matter how well you are at interviews, if you do not look appealing on the paper, thats it, you will be out of the competition faster than you can say “in-ter-view”.

If you are guilty of writing bad resumes as seen in the example above, its time to revise and improve your resume writing (yes, the same theory applies to your public LinkedIn profile)! There is no need to pay for professional help of resume writers. Get started with Twinword Writer, the creative online writing platform that helps you to write professionally!

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Get started on your resume writing now with Twinword Writer. Remember, your CV is the paper representation of what you have to offer.

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Team Twinword
Team Twinword
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