Are You a Scientist Marketer or Artist Marketer?

The Modern Marketer infographic

As the following infographics from Salesforce suggests, there are two parts of modern marketer, one is artist and another one is scientist. You might agree, that marketing is indeed a creative job, requiring a “spoon of articism” and intuition, however what science has to do with marketing?

d40e548fee3de8ac02075c368e3bbce51. Analysis:

Nowadays all of us are surrounded by Big Data in and out of web environment. Marketers are not an exception. Highly influenced by data, these specialists are taking a lead in tracking campaign performance and staying ahead of the industry trends. Data interpretation is one of the hardships marketers have to overcome with time and experience in this data driven era.

Did this campaign result in positive outcome? What is the reason behind the sudden change of traffic source?

These questions are pure representation of why analysis is crucial for successful marketing campaign. One can hardly doubt, that for deep understanding and insightful report, raw number is not enough. Interpretation of data is essential and requires a strong data skill set.

2. Experiment:

If you take a close look at the daily routine of a marketer, you will see that it is a constant experiment. Marketers are testing numerous hypothesis regarding SEO, social media postings and email campaigns. Due to the nature of experiment itself, marketers learn to quickly adapt to changes and remain flexible. Thus to validate certain hypothesis, marketers have to take experiments seriously and deliver an “intelligent solution” to concrete problem.

However, is this the only “know how” marketers have to possess? When is the right time for artist in marketer to kick in?

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