Best Types of Blog Posts To Maximize Traffic

Best Types of Blog Posts To Maximize Traffic caption

Do you carefully plan your editorial calendar? If you do, you might be familiar with numerous types of content available for blog posts. No doubt, quality, uniqueness and engagement contribute to the popularity of your written masterpiece. But what kind of content maximize your traffic and social shares? Check these 2 types of blog posts to “wow” your readers!


1. Lists

These days, you can see numerous articles and blog posts providing list of information. From online magazines to news, we are bombarded by “3 most effective“, “5 best ways” or “12 tips to help you achieve success in 2016″. The list is endless. Why is this type of content so popular?

Reason 1: Indeed, with concrete list of tips or tools, why would you not share an article with your friends or co-workers on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform? Lists are highly shareable gems! 

Reason 2:  When you can have a structured list, you can quickly get all information at once. The website, brief description and if you lucky, list of advantages and disadvantages.

However, with quick solution comes low user engagement, since a visitor can quickly skim through the list and in no time you might earn high bounce rate! Read more here, why you should not be discouraged with high bounce rate of your blog post!

2. Opinions

When blogging for business, it is tempting to dive into specific industry and product. Most of the content is related to one specific broad theme without much room to experiment. If you would like to spice up your content strategy game, give it a try to opinion based content regarding controversial topic. Of course, completely irrelevant content is not what you and your readers are willing to see. However if you can connect the dots and make relevant comparisons, then your content will be truly unique and engaging. For example, if your business related to Natural Language Processing, you can connect your content to Artificial Intelligence and provide your own perspective in the debate of machines against humans.

Now for your future blog post, you can decide which one of these 3 types fits your readers and engage them the most. Remember, you can switch from one to another to diversify your content. Also, make sure to incorporate images in your blog post with these 3 amazing visual online tools.

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Team Twinword
Team Twinword
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