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Slags are words that has evolved/been altered over the years, heavily influenced by groups of people associating them with a certain kind of meaning. It is probably one of the most difficult aspect for English learners, given the fact that there are so many variations of slangs, differing per English-speaking city.

Where in England, you might hear:

“I got admitted into my dream school!”
“Wicked! I’m so excited for you!” 

The definition of “wicked” here, is very different from that in the dictionary. It has nothing to do with evil, morally bad in principle, or anything like that. It simply means “Awesome” or “Brilliant” in this context.

Similarly the American slang “baller” (a slang for someone who is rich) is not a proper word in the dictionary, but widely used in conversations.

Machine Learning And Slangs

Learning slang can be a chore even for us humans, let alone for machines. However at Twinword, our technology is powered by both, the conventional way of deep learning, PLUS human computations, making it possible for computers to associate slang words to standard words.

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