Digital Marketing Trends 2016 infographic

Lets take a look at 7 digital marketing trends that shape online world of 2016 and break it down one by one: 

1. Content marketing:

Blog is one of the crucial parts of online traffic, no matter how small or big the company is. According to Hubspot,

“Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5 times more traffic than companies that published between 0 – 4 monthly posts.” 

So open up your editorial calendar and dive into writing. If you use WordPress as we do, Twinword Writer Plugin can help you refine your blog post wth automatic synonyms suggestions.

2. Marketing Analytics:

Is your company ready to allocate most of your marketing budget to analytics tools in 2016? With multiple tools from social media to SEO analysis, Big Data provides more sophisticated insights about user’s behavior.

3. Video Marketing:

You witness it everywhere on the internet. Video is on fire now. From Instagram to Facebook, it is spreading out without any plans to stop. Where can we witness it the most? Both mobile and tablet platforms.

4. Personal Touch:

Who would not want that? A little bit of extra something from your favorite brand to feel unique and loved as a customer. In the digital word especially, when companies have to figure out “what else can we suggest Anna to buy this Christmas”, personalization is key to success. It includes blending Artificial and Human Intelligence, user habits tracking and 1:1 online experience. Companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix and Foursquare are top game players.

5. Online Ads:

Even though mobile advertising tops the online ad share, internet is rising too with native advertising becoming more and more widespread. Medium and small businesses are entering the race for native-only marketing strategies.

6. Storytelling:

Each trend is intertwined with one another. Storytelling is closely related to the rise of video and personalization. With this specific trend you want to focus on the emotional core of your user. Stand out and share your unique story. Whether in video format or plain content, storytelling is definitely on the rise for 2016, incorporating images, infographics and emojis. Need an example? Check Twinword Writer story here.

7. Micro-targeting:

With advertising banners here and there across your Facebook page, it is all about micro-targeting. Sending the relevant brand message at the right time, location and person is what micro-targeting strategy aims for in 2016. Capture attention of customers by analyzing the rich user data and target your niche with the right ad.

Which trend do you think will affect your business the most this year? Share with us in the comment box below or tweet @twinwordinc.

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