Discover Related Categories for Each Blog, Article, or Post.

Text Classification Demo

Say goodbye to Category Recommendation API.
Say hello to its upgraded self, Text Classification API.

Text Classification

This new version, now renamed the Text Classification API, allows you to suggest related categories for any blog, article, or post. Previously, the endpoint only accepted a single word, but now it accepts a block of text instead.

Test out the demo or see the updated documentation.

Please note that this change requires you to update your code to point to the new endpoint and use the new “text” parameter instead of the previous “entry” parameter.

For our enterprise customers, our taxonomy set can be customized for your business needs.

Also included in Text Analysis Bundle!Twinword text analysis bundle

Twinword text analysis bundle

If you are a subscriber to our Text Analysis Bundle, not only are you able to consume all of our APIs under one subscription, you have the added benefit of receiving the latest version of ALL of our APIs as soon as they are available. And all for one price!

This includes the Text Classification API. Go try it out now!



Joseph Shih
Joseph Shih
Keyword Researcher / Product Developer / Web and Mobile Application Developer at Twinword, Inc.

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