Durian, The Fruit To Embrace This Summer


The durian is a tropical fruit encased in a spherical or ovoid spiny hard shell, which can be quite large—a single unhusked durian can be the size of a football. Within the shell are five or six segments of golden or cream-colored custardy pulp, the flavor of which is reputed to be so delectable that it is commonly known in Southeast Asia as the “king of fruits.” But perhaps even more notable about the durian than its taste is its remarkably foul odor. (Encyclopedia.com)


While Southeast Asians are known to embrace this beloved King of fruits, Westerners relate its smell to the likes of unwashed socks and rotten tomatoes. The tropical fruit even appeared on American variety show Fear Factor as one of the eating challenge.

It is considered a rare and exotic fruit out of Southeat Asia since no airline allows the transportation of fresh durian even in the luggage compartment due to its strong aroma. Despite the limited export market, the demand continue to increase as the King of fruits gains popularity all over the world.

If you are on a vacation to Southeast Asia this summer, don’t forget to have a taste of this fruit! (Refer to Nutritional Information above!)



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