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April 22, 2015 marks Earth Day’s 45th anniversary. Founded and aimed to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the earth’s environment 45 years ago, Earth Day is celebrated by individuals worldwide today.




Here’s what members of Avatar Team Twinword has to say about their contributions in preserving the environment!


Avatar of Kono Kim

“I do my part for the environment by conserving energy. Instead of
driving to work, I commute to Twinword’s office by foot everyday. When I
have to run some errands on the weekends, I cycle to the neighborhood
supermarket with recyclable shopping bags.”   – Kono


Avatar of Stephanie Han

“For me, I believed that a little effort goes a long way when it comes to conserving the environment. I only launder my dirty clothes in cold water, and work the washing machine only when I have a full load. I turn off all lights and switches when I go to bed at night, and reduce water consumption by not leaving the tap running when I brush my teeth.”  –  Stephanie


Avatar of Joseph Shih

“My family and I believed in being careful about our food consumption and reducing the amount of food waste we produce on a daily basis. My wife is exceptionally creative in turning last night’s leftover or whatever that’s still hanging around in our fridge into new dishes.”  – Joseph


Avatar or Fleur Chua

“Personally, I’ve always been big on recycling. I separate my trash into four categories namely plastic bottles, paper, aluminum and general waste. At the same time, I’ve cut out usage of non-biodegradable items such as disposable styrofoam bowls/plates, replacing them with ceramic kitchen wares which are reusable.”    – Fleur


Avatar of Esther Seo

“I like to get crafty with recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, old tin cans, glass bottles and bottle caps. I find satisfaction in making them into art pieces for decorative purpose. ”  –  Esther


We at Twinword strongly believe in playing our part to build a sustainable environment. What about you? Share with us what are some other ways to contribute to save the earth in celebration of Earth Day 2015!


Charles Kim
Charles Kim

Contributor at Twinword, Inc.

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