How to Help With Spelling For Adults?

Section from America's Top Spelling Mistakes infographic

After discovering how many words the average person know, we are eager to find out what words contribute to spelling mistakes the most. Misspelling by definition is the act of spelling incorrectly and with various challenging words out there, not all of us can be proud of perfect spelling (if you can, you slay). In the digital world, misspelling is related with keywords you input in the search bar of favorite search engine: Yahoo, Bing or Google. Take a look at the words after “how to spell” categorized by US states according to Google and 3 ways to improve it!


You can see that while residents of Washington and North Carolina is searching for how to spell “Pneumonia“, three other states, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and MaryLand choosing between cancel or cancell. However, apart from these relatively common misspelled words, Ohio is searching for banana, South Dakota for gray and as expected, Alaska state is struggling with spelling “Hawaii” right.

So How to Improve Spelling?

1. Read and Read.

To improve spelling, as an adult, it is not only advised to write on a daily basis, but also to read. Since you can see what other people write, your brain remembers how particular word is spelled. But make sure to read quality material, anything from daily newspaper to online e-book and beyond.

2. Use Online Writing Tools.

To avoid unnecessary spelling mistake in your final monthly report, blog post or cover letter, double check your writing with online tools. If you deal with a large amount of text, Sentence Checker helps you identify what words are spelled incorrectly and provide you possible suggestions.


3. Collect your misspelled words.

If you are serious about improving your spelling game, make a list of your most common words, you struggle with. Mark corrections and check more examples in online dictionaries, like Twinword Graph on how these words relate to others and used in sentences.

Twinword graph example

Finally, practice makes perfect. Keep reading, writing, listening and taking notes of tricky words. Do not give up!

Let us know in the comments down below your unique tips to overcome misspelling.


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