How Do I Use LSI Keywords For Website SEO?

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Google’s aim is to deliver to its users the most relevant content with the highest quality. Some indicators of quality are the website’s backlink profile, domain authority, and not being spammy. As for indicators of relevance, ever since the Panda Update of Google’s search algorithm, Google has been shifting their approach of detecting relevance from a keyword-match algorithm to more of a topical-match method. Topical match means that they are trying to understand the meaning of a web page instead of simply matching keywords when deciding relevance.

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Google tries to understand a web page and detect the relevance of a web page to a specific topic by looking at, you guessed it, LSI Keywords.


First, What Are LSI Keywords?

What are LSI Keywords then? Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords are simply keywords related to the topic your page is about.

Say what? Say for example you have a traveling site. The idea is that you would naturally include related words like “flights”, “accommodation”, “visit”, “great place for a vacation” in the content. These are LSI keywords for your “traveling” topic.

So What? So, this means that the more LSI Keywords (related keywords) of your target topic you include, the more relevant your content will appear to be to Google for that topic. This will result in higher ranking because Google will know that your content will satisfy what the user is searching for (of course your quality mentioned above has to be on point too).


How Do I Use LSI Keywords?

The idea of LSI keywords is that you would just naturally include them as you write. With this in mind, you must try to include them as naturally as possible. If you simply stuff the keywords, you will end up reducing readability and Google will notice.

Taking the example from above, when you write about a new vacation spot you found, make sure you talk about the flight, the accommodation, the visit, and etc. This is why using an LSI keyword tool can help you. It never hurts to see what other related keywords you can talk about in your content with LSI generators or LSI technology already out there.


How Many LSI Keywords Should I Include?

When including the related words that LSI keyword software gives you, always keep the user in mind. Your goal is to help the user and on top of that, help Google understand you more.

As long as you’re taking care of your audience, Google will eventually catch up to you. I am speaking about future-proofing your SEO. You may not rank high now, but the more you take care of your website visitors, the more aligned you are to where Google wants to go: satisfying the user.


Free LSI Keyword Tools

To get started with your semantic keyword research, you can check out Twinword Ideas. This free tool has an LSI graph. Among other things, this tool is powered by AI and has a bunch of useful filters like automatic user-intent detection.



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