How People Spend Their Time On The Internet [Infographic]

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According to sources, 92% of Internet users have used search engines at least once. Out of which, 83% have used it for getting information related to health or hobbies, 82% for directions, 81% for getting the weather report, 78% for information on new products, 76% for reading news, 72% for entertainment and 71% for online shopping.

No doubt, Google is the most visited web property online. Google receives more than 1 Billion search queries per day, boasting a figure of 153,441,000 unique visitors per month on the average. Time spent per person per monthly on this search engine is reportedly 1 hour, 47 minutes and 42 seconds.

How People Spend Their Time Online Infographic by- GO-Gulf


How can we reduce the amount of time we spend searching on search engines? What if there is a search tool that understands what you want and allows you to save time by filtering unrelated information and displaying only the relevant?

Twinword Finder, the browser extension (not to be confused with a search engine. read our previous post: Search Engine VS. Browser Search Tool) saves you from the hassle of having to skim through huge chunk of texts to look for what you want. Start searching efficiently today!

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Team Twinword
Team Twinword
Based on text analysis technologies, we developed Twinword Ideas to help marketers filter and select relevant keywords faster. Just by moving some sliders, users can get high-quality keyword lists for successful content marketing and paid search marketing campaigns.

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