How To Find Long Tail Keywords For Your Blog

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With Google Search Algorithm getting more and more sophisticated each year, SEO experts are looking for ways to constantly target valuable keywords and boost organic traffic. One of the most powerful techniques is incorporating long-tail keywords in the blog content. As mentioned in our previous blog post on SEO keywords“Long-tail keywords are longer phrases consisting of 3 or more words, that potential customers use to search for something very specific.” So it is the right time to ditch highly competitive generic terms and focus on long tails.

Below are 3 amazing long-tail keyword tools with the example of search term “smart watch”.


1. Google Keyword Planner


How many times you have heard about this one? Almost every single source on more descriptive keyword includes this creation of Google. Why is it everybody’s bias?

  • Get monthly search volume and competition level (high/medium/low)
  • Export up to 800 keyword suggestions
  • See historical data or trend

See yourself the long tail keyword examples:

comparison of smart watches

best smart watch to buy 

smart watch online shopping 

watch that connects to smartphone


2. UberSuggest

uber-suggestYou can not go wrong with this tool either if you are searching for long tail keywords and optimizing an article, since UberSuggest imitates the exact searched pattern. Two features of this keyword research tool, that we enjoy using are:

  • Search directly in
  • Expand keyword suggestions

smart watch compatible with phone

smart watch exercise tracker

smart watch leather strap

smart watch longest battery life


3. Twinword Ideas

This recently developed free keyword tool can help you generate long tail keywords in seconds. This tool is also the first tool to use AI to auto detect the user intent of each long-tail keyword suggestion so you can quickly filter and get what you want. Features worth mentioning:

  • Get both matched and related keywords
  • Auto-detect user intent
  • Sort and filter keywords by relevance

what is the best smart watch for android

how much will the apple smart watch cost

best smart watch for women

who makes the best smart watch

Now that you are aware of three resources to search for keywords, it is essential you know exactly where and how to incorporate them in your blog. To help you get the benefits of long tail keywords, check this Hubspot’s article on SEO friendly blog post. The most important point to remember is to write naturally and avoid keyword stuffing!

Good luck!

If there are any other long tail keyword generator tools you use for SEO, share with us in the comments down below.



Team Twinword
Team Twinword
Team Twinword built the first keyword research tool that can automatically detect user intent, topic, and pattern. The tool uses AI technology to automatically create keyword suggestion groups based user intent, detected topic and pattern, or a custom topic and pattern. Keyword research is faster with AI.


  1. George Weiss says:

    In long tail keyword research Googe KW tool is better to be paired with tools like SERPstat. Gives me greater span and insight into competition level. Long tails can be artificially twisted – Google will show incorrect competition level for such keywords.

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