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For content marketers, coming up with new and unique content on a daily basis might be a challenge. Luckily with the help of online content tools it is possible to generate fresh ideas for your next blog post. Find out down below how these 2 amazing tools will keep your content and social media strategies on point.

1. Keyhole 



We loved Keyhole for valuable digital information collected and presented in one clear visual dashboard. Its real-time feature let’s you explore what topics are trending at the moment. Additional features include:

  • Input keyword of your choice, URL and even hashtags to track performance across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Analyse topic clouds, demographics, locations
  • Search influencers related to your industry and competing brands

2. EpicBeat 

EpicBeat Website

With EpicBeat, you can choose any category from fashion to employee engagements in the “Streams” tab and check content, content insights, community and multi-channel influencers. Apart from that, search by website, multiple keywords, sharer and remove irrelevant results. It is great for searching trending topics within your industry, as well as checking how top posts behave on social media.

Apart from these 2 awesome tools, there is Google Trends, which gives you trendy keyword, historical statistics data and opportunity to sort by country and year.

Are you a fan of Keyhole? Or you start your morning, as a marketer with EpicBeat to check latest trends? Share with us your favorite source of content ideas in the comment box down below. If you curious about tools that can increase your productivity, check these 4 awesome title generator tools.

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