How to Help With Procrastination for Writers?

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Quality writing does require both time and effort. However, most of us would rather check emails, Facebook feed or have a coffee break. However, as soon as you start the writing process, you are halfway to completing your short story, novel or blog post. Below, take a look at 3 tips on how you can effectively write without any distraction and procrastination.


1. Deadline

One of the most widespread tip to finally start writing it to set time limit. Estimate the time you would spend on generating ideas, draft, writing and revision. For example, you can set 30 minutes for the first draft. It does not have be perfect from the first try, however, you already have a foundation to move further. If you have a fixed date to submit your paper, report or blog, the sense of urgency can advance your writing process. Without a certain time limit or deadline, you are inviting procrastination to invade and conquer.

2. Draft 

Now that you know how much time you will devote to writing, start with the idea. If it is a blog post you are writing, check these two websites that will get you going with trending ideas based on your main topic. Do your research! The more valuable insights you can obtain, the better story you can write. Following this step, copy and paste all collected information in your WordPress editor, Twinword Writer or any other writing platform. This tactic can help you start forming up your own unique ideas.

3. Distractions 

After gathering “back up data” on the topic of your writing, it is up to you to decide how to utilize these materials. At this point, the most difficult part arises. You start activating your brain and connect dots between ideas to actually write. In order to do that successfully, one tip is to eliminate distractions. If you write online, it is easy to get distractions from social media. According to Financial Times, “new research shows that networking online can lower productivity and the spirits.” So if you do care about your writing spirit, close all social media related tabs and let nothing ruin your stream of ideas. Also make sure the place is quiet and your phone is far away from your reach.

Final tip is to write like nobody’s is watching. Creation process can be challenging, but you should give it a go and finish whatever your writing task require. The more focused you stay on achieving your goal of finishing the piece, the more likely you will publish or submit on time.

Share your thoughts on how you beat procrastination in the comment box down below.

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