How to Persuade your CEO to Create Company Instagram?

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Last year in January, our company has switched from Instagram platform to Twitter. What “motivated” this decision to abandon the fastest growing social media channel? Why this opportunity to interact with Instagram users, who are “58 times more likely to like, comment, or share a brand’s post than Facebook users and 120 times more likely than Twitter users” is missed? Now, the time has come to revamp the account and incorporate Instagram as another crucial social media platform for business. Here are 3 steps to persuade your CEO that your company urgently needs Instagram account.

1. Opportunity To Showcase Products:

One of the key factors in using Instagram platform for promoting a product, is to tell a brand story. Share your company’s vision through photos and newly emerged 60 seconds video to reach your audience. If it is a software tool you are selling, do not panic, take a video of how your user can use it online and share with your Instagram followers. For the product like smartwatch, for example, there is no limit for your creative visual delivery.


2. Know Target Audience:

Apart from focusing on selling, try to create a “healthy” environment for your audience with the focus on feedback and active interaction. One way to keep online communication going is to experiment with contents and photo submissions. Since hashtag is king of Instagram, why not ask followers to help you choose the design for next website layout? With this tool you can get instant feedback and figure out what user really needs. Do not miss this opportunity to follow latest trends and patterns of your target users!


4. Build Customer Loyalty:

Another creative way to actively interact with your users, is to share moments of  your team creating that product. Whether it is crafting, painting, printing 3D or even coding, wouldn’t it be exciting to see how a single idea came to life? Also, photos from various events or overseas exhibitions are perfect candidates. To fulfill the curiosity of your user, try incorporating team related photos in your account. This way Instagram gives you an opportunity to connect to your audience and gain more trust, interest and loyalty.


So if you just joined the startup you always dreamed of and witness no “Instagram” among social media channels, then it is your chance to contribute. If you still have to persuade your CEO, share this article and prepare your arguments. Good luck! 

Have Instagram success story, go ahead and share in the comments down below.

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