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Marketing game to millennials has been constantly changing and new channels conquer attention of tech savvy generation every single minute. If you pursue a goal of reaching millennials, traditional marketing is not an answer. New generation of consumers “demand” much more attention and have higher standards both for brands and its offerings.

1. Show Value 

Social value is new black for millennials, since more and more young people are involved in social activism. Millennials now are looking for companies, that stand for something and embrace positive values. This emphasis on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) does not only make customer buy products they feel good about (like TOMS Shoes), but also make a stronger relationship bond with a brand.


Make sure the product you sell has its meaning, that can resonate with your millennial customers. Your marketing strategy should clearly deliver its “passion” for bringing positive change together with customer.

2. Be quick   

Apart from the new brand philosophy mentioned above, another crucial factor for targeting millennials is to be quick. Simple as it is, the more instant your answer to the problem, the more likely you will retain users, who will come back to you company as a solution provider. Your deliverables can be as detailed as possible, however, get straight to the point with your answers, products, ideas. Provide practical, sharable and direct content with quick answer, incorporating Youtube videos or catchy infographics. By the way, the new findings on human attention revealed that average attention span decreased to 8 seconds, while multi-tasking significantly improved. So make your appearance as attractive as possible!

3. Connect Social 

In order to show value and give momentum, social media comes to play. Guess how many time is spent on media by average millennial? According to Entrepreneur, “individuals ages 18 to 36 spend an average of 17.8 hours a day with different types of media.” So if your company is not present online, you are loosing an opportunity to expose your offerings to a larger pool of extremely active consumers. There are ongoing debates on what channels are the most effective ones and whether all of them are equally important for your marketing strategy. According to Martin-Wilbourn Partners:

“Snapchat is now the third most popular social app among millennials, with a 32.9% penetration on the demographic’s mobile phones”.

However, if you think Snapchat is not effective enough for your business (Hubspot disagrees on this matter), then try to be present on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Now new marketing rules are new religion to reach Gen Y. “Demand bars” for companies are set higher by new generation consumers and it is responsibility of marketing to exceed expectations and deliver beyond what’s promised.

Do you agree with these strategies? Share your thoughts in the comment box down below!

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Team Twinword
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