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Imagine endless text on a web page and endless scrolling! While your goal is to find the exact words or related phrase, the Ctrl+F shortcut can not guarantee quick search results with multiple words.

Nowadays, various tools are available for you to save time and effort while skimming through a web page. So believe it or not, there are more alternative extensions to the traditional Ctrl+F combination. We collected our best four Chrome extensions to help you instantly search websites for multiple or related words.


1. Multi-highlight

Once you have downloaded Multi-highlight, you can not ignore this big bright yellow colored extension from your Chrome menu. This user-friendly tool will highlight multiple words and store it locally. Simple and quick! Multi-Highlight plans to integrate shortcuts, phrase support and many more features in the future, so stay updated!

How is it different?

Compare to the other 3 plugins, Multi-highlight has the largest text input bar where you can type as many words as possible or paste a copied text. Just separate by a space!



2. Twinword Finder

In case you deal with complicated text material, give Twinword Finder a try. This tool can easily highlight not only multiple keywords, but also synonyms and paragraphs related to your keywords. Simply navigate with “TAB” button.

How is it different?

For more control over related words, you have a chance to manipulate the search distance. Choose to search from closely related words or more loosely related ones.



3. MultiHighlighter

Perfect, when skimming through long text,  MultiHighlighter can highlight words on any page and local file. Type the word and get all words highlighted with unique colors. Also, this extension provides quick shortcuts to access the features quickly: Ctrl+Shift+A to display, Esc to close.

How is it different?

Highlighting is preserved when printing to standard media or to PDF.



4. Pearls Extension

“Always highlight a set of words stored for chosen webpages”. Pearls Extension gives you the option to save certain words, instead of typing them again. Simply navigate the webpage to look for highlighted words by hitting “Enter”.
How is it different?

Save words and automatically search for them as the web page is updated.



To sum it up, it is time to upgrade from Ctrl-F button to more advanced search plugins. For separate browsers like Safari or Firefox, numerous extensions are available for you to try. Most importantly, save your time skimming a webpage and choose the tool that fits your needs the most!

If there are any other Chrome extensions we did not mention in our list, feel free to comment down below and let us know which one is your favorite!



Team Twinword
Team Twinword
Based on text analysis technologies, we developed Twinword Ideas to help marketers filter and select relevant keywords faster. Just by moving some sliders, users can get high-quality keyword lists for successful content marketing and paid search marketing campaigns.

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