How To Upgrade To Twinword Finder PRO Version

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Two Versions of Twinword Finder

  1. BASIC
  2. PRO (Free or Paid)


How to Upgrade

Open the settings menu and select the version you want. It’s as simple as that.

The PRO Free version is free, but will show ads when you open the settings menu. PRO Paid version is a one time purchase that follows you everywhere you go. That means you will always have that version as long as the computer you are on has Chrome logged into your Google account.

(If you’ve received a promo code for a free upgrade to PRO Paid, just paste the code into the search bar of Twinword Finder and press enter.)

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Why Upgrade to PRO?

Features BASIC PRO (Free or Paid)
Find Relevant Paragraphs Yes Yes + Adjust distance
Fine Tune Results Limited Unlimited
Ignore List Limited Unlimited

So what are the benefits of the PRO version?

When finding related paragraphs, the “BASIC” version will allow you to find relevant paragraphs normally. The “PRO” version will allow you to adjust your search and find only very closely related paragraphs or find only loosely related paragraphs.

When fine tuning your result, the “BASIC” version will allow you to fine tune your results by deselecting words you don’t want to be matched after seeing the result word list on the right side of the screen. However, you can only deselect a number of words. The “PRO” is the same except you can deselect an unlimited amount of words.

When adding words to the ignore list, the “BASIC” version allows you to add a limited number of words to the ignore list. The “PRO” version has no limit.


What’s Next?

These are just some of the benefits of going PRO. As we add more features and continually improve the extension, the PRO version (free and paid) will always have unlimited access to those features.

What are you waiting for, get it now!

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Joseph Shih
Joseph Shih
Keyword Researcher / Product Developer / Web and Mobile Application Developer at Twinword, Inc.

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