How Content Marketing Strategy Can Be Improved?

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Content marketing is constantly evolving under the influence of new resources and techniques. However, the foundation of creating engaging content for audience remains as the ultimate target.

What are the additional steps marketers can take in order to improve content game, that aligns with core strategies? Is it a step beyond traditional principles or back-to-basics approach? Take a look at 2 mingled ways of improving content strategy.


1. Beyond Traditional Distribution

Sharing content on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin is the next “holy grail” step after blog publishing. This process became a routine, that most marketers adopt in order to expose new content to audience. However, without an efficient strategy, engaging and unique content might hit the wrong customers again and again. Business News Daily presents 2016 Marketer’s Guide for Social Media with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr (!) being top social media platforms.

Besides social media functionality, Neil Patel in his blog argues that social media is also the new SEO. So in case, you are not sharing posts on social media and incorporating sharing buttons, you risk loosing not only one slice of social traffic, but also related organic and referral.

Why Social Is the New SEO

With numerous social media channels, take an advantage of sharing content to alternative channels too, like Pinterest, Google Plus Communities and many others. If your company targets millennials, take a look at Snapchat, since it is now the most popular social network among teens.

2. Back to Editorial Calendar 

One of the hardships of content generation is consistency and time management. Editorial calendar gives an opportunity to monitor current status of blog post, its call-to-actions, authors and target audiences.


Besides having a control over the published and planned content, editorial calendar is a great tool to track your title and keywords. In case you want to recycle old blogs, editorial calendar will guide you through overall lists of posts in one integrated way.

There is no distinct separation between the main values of content, social and SEO. This century consumers crave for outstanding information, a value and experience. Reach out to the right target audience with sources beyond the routine social media channels, as well as internally, improve the process of content analysis with Editorial Calendar.

If you a writer constantly looking for tools to increase productivity, check out these list of 5 Essential Writing Resources for Content Marketers.

What are your thoughts on these 2 methods of improving content marketing? Continue the discussion in a comment box down below.

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Team Twinword
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