How to Increase Employee Productivity?

How To Increase Employee Productivity? Caption

What does it take to stay productive from the early morning to late evening? How can you always keep up with schedule at work and maintain balanced lifestyle? Check these 3 tips to increase your productivity in the workplace!increase-productivity

1. Set your schedule for the next day the night before you leave the office. 

Before you shut down your computer on Friday evening, open up your to-do list and draft your tasks for the next week. On Monday you will know exactly what assignments you have to complete. It does not have to be a long-term agenda. Even on Monday evening, you can list up your goals for the following day. You can cross out the tasks you successfully finished and plan for Tuesday. Setting priorities here is a key. 

2. Project deadlines 

Everybody knows about deadlines, however it is challenging to stay on schedule when sudden meeting or new assignment come out. The starting point is to set realistic due date. Write down your list for today and per each line write a due date.

Now you do not have any excuses to miss the deadline, since it is the one you set yourself.

3. Eliminate potential distractions. 

After you planned out your day from the day before and added more specific details to your agenda in the morning, execution is number one task. Jumping right into the job first thing in the morning might be challenging, so help yourself with supporting materials. If the task is completely new, then start with research and plan out initial draft. If you have already encountered similar activities, look through your folders and search for any references, that can help you boost your initial execution.

Meanwhile stay away from distractions, that drag you away from doing your job. According to the research, our smartphones are the biggest distracting factor. One simple way out is to turn off notifications and mute the phone!

Another serious distracting point these days at work is social media. Unless you directly work with social media, try to minimize the time you log in into your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, no matter how tempting it can be!

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Leave us comments down below how you conquer procrastination and share your personal favorite tip!

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