Learn New Words With These 3 Visual Thesaurus Websites

65% of the population are visual learners | 90% information transmitted to the brain is visual caption

Remember those days at the university or school when you had to memorize new words for your language class? Did you stick post-it-notes around your room and mumbled each word to recall it later in class? If so, do you consider yourself a visual learner? Our team consists mostly of visual learners and we decided to round up 3 online visual thesaurus websites to help you spice up your learning process. As an example we used word “president” to continue on our newly emerged blog post theme. (Click here, if you missed our sentiment analysis of 10 most controversial Donald Trump’s tweets).

This tool is the “obsession” of Jason Oberholtzer, a writer and contributor of Forbes on data visualisation. Not only this visual thesaurus provides semantically related words, but it also checks grammar, spelling and provides examples. All in one place. For auditory learners, there is a great feature to listen to pronunciation (both in British English and American English). Now it is clear why VT is loved by many visual and non-visual learners!
This tool map out semantically related words to your search term. For example, our search “president” resulted in words like “strong” and “authoritative”. Also Twitter lovers, beware, for each searched terms this tool suggests you real time tweets. For example, recent tweets suggestion for “president” is:
We need a president who will provide leadership that’s strong, smart, and steady. The last thing we need are leaders who incite more fear.
This tool is a lot of fun. It is highly interactive to the point, when it feels like you can create your own world of words. Related word can expand further and you have a chance to see the relation and enrich your vocabulary. In our example we checked “president” and expanded further related word “head of state”.
Which tool is your favorite? Choose the one, that encourage you to keep on learning and expand your knowledge. Most importantly, have fun with it! Also, share with us any other visual thesaurus website you enjoy.

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