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Looking back at 2015:

Its again time of the year for us to bid 2015 goodbye and say hello to the new year!

2015 has been a memorable year for us at Twinword as we see the launch of several new products along with the huge increase in traffic for all our websites and blog. It has been an exciting journey as we see the growth of not just our technology but also individual members of Team Twinword.


We accepted the empirical approach that the problem can never be fully defined and hence adopted the scrum methodology, allowing us to focus on maximizing the team’s ability to deliver quickly, responding to emerging requirements and to adapt to changes in market conditions. Through that, we developed not just great teamwork, but also fostered close ties between the family at Twinword!




Taking a walk down memory lane of the past year, we’ve seen a few memorable events including when:


*Twinword Writer got nominated several times as one of the best online writing app
*Twinword Finder received good reviews from many users
*Twinword API usage increased 10 times as compared to one year ago


I had to admit that, even though we’ve successfully introduced the various beneficial usage of Twinword technology, the actual perceived value of our products are not enough for users to want to use our products on a daily basis. In short, we’ve enjoyed high user acquisition and traffic, but a relatively low engagement and retention rate.


In 2016, Team Twinword will be focusing on increasing user retention by adding new exciting features to the existing products! We aim to further develop our existing applications, providing real solutions, to try to solve the little, but painful problems for our valuable users.


For instance, many content marketers are concerned with what are the good tags and categories to use for each blog post to generate more traffic. Addressing this problem, we will not just provide Topic Tagging API, but will also provide various time-saving solutions for content marketers such as suggestions for relevant tag and category to name one. In other words, something big and exciting is brewing at Twinword! Stay tuned!


Wishing all a Happy 2016 ahead.


Kono Kim
Kono Kim

I am interested in natural language processing that combines computer science and linguistics. I believe the current level of AI and NLP technology is not enough to meet people’s expectation due to lack of qualitative training data for machine. I’d like to overcome this using human computation and data collection platform.

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