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Countless thoughts run through our mind as we live. Many a time, our mind tends to associate one word with another at the same time. Following this phenomenon, we may deduce that these two words have a special relationship. It is even viable to say that both are closely affiliated to each other. This kind of word associations is brought about by personal experience and or, common social experience.

For instance, beer reminds me of glasses, due to past experience of breaking my glasses at beer party with my friends. It can be reason out that both words beer and glasses have a special connection to me. This may just be one case of words association due to my personal experience, however, cases of people from the same continent having similar word associations can also be found. For example, Beer with Chicken or Beer with Sausages. In Korea, the Chicken with Beer is so popular that even the new word generated named ‘Chi-mak’. Which means that when the Korean think Beer, the word Chicken comes up naturally. On the other hands, some other countries have favor to have sausage with beer. Then, it is obvious to remind ‘sausage ‘when the see ‘beer’. Such differences in word association relationship mirrors the different personalities of people with different experiences, and the culture they are being exposed to.

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Twinword as the name suggest, means “A pair of words”. Aligned with our company’s name Twinword, the vision and goal of the company is to use the powerful technology of word associations as a ground to create value for our customers, and to run our business.

And so, a lot of people ask me, what are the benefits of this word association technology and what kind of value adding product are you providing?

You will be surprised by how the word related with our life and how it can brings benefits in living. When you learn new vocabulary, especially the foreign language, the word association can assist for easy understanding and fast memorizing. The games such as memory games or word chain game are also related with word associating. In fact, one of the psychological studies by psychologist Carl Jung used word association to analyze the person’s psychological complex. He used the word association to bring person’s reaction from unconscious and analyze the one’s psychological state. This word association is still use as one of methods for psychologies for their patients. Now you can see how much the word association relates with your life!

Nonetheless, there are still complications in the word association technology. Association relationships between words are constantly changing, how prompt are we able to keep up with the relentless collection of data undeniably post as a challenge in the near future.

Twinword as a company with strong focus on our powerful word association technology, hope to bring about differentiated insights of word associations to readers of our blog through our weekly post. Follow us on our journey and let’s discover the potential of word associations together!



Kono Kim
Kono Kim
I am interested in natural language processing that combines computer science and linguistics. I believe the current level of AI and NLP technology is not enough to meet people's expectation due to lack of qualitative training data for machine. I'd like to overcome this using human computation and data collection platform.

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