How Machine Learning Works in Mobile Messaging infographic

Through evolution, machine learning has made self-driving car possible, enabled machines to do speech recognition, and effectively optimized our web search experience. Machine learning has grown to be so sophisticated today, that it could even understand human text! The infographic below shows how Skype is using machine learning speech recognition to allow for borderless communication with someone who speaks a different language across the globe!

speech recognition skype

Infographic credits of Skype.

Learn about other possible applications of machine learning:

  • Automated Security Verification (voice, face, fingerprint recognition)
  • Automated Medical diagnostics (detecting illnesses from symptoms)
  • Content Categorization (text, image, video)
  • Pattern mining (stock market analysis, technical analysis of stock price)
  • Natural Language Processing (sentiment analysis, searcher’s intent, statistical machine translation)

sentiment analysis API
Twinword provides Human Text Understanding APIs that are powered by Machine Learning and Smart NLP Technology.

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