Per capita availability of chicken higher than that of beef

Ladies and Gentleman~ Yes it’s here!

Friday! That is what I’m talking about. (:


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Now before you kick start your Friday night party or all night feasting, I’ll like to share some statistics.

Ever wonder what is the most consumed food in America?

According to USDA’s research, most of America’s calories come from grain products and fats/oils. Americans consumed an estimated 2,568 calories per person per day in 2010, up from 2,109 calories in 1970.  Grains (mainly refined grains) and added fats and oils contributed 405 calories to this 459-calorie increase.


Chicken began its upward climb in the 1940s, overtaking pork in 1996 as the second most consumed meat.

Per capita availability of chicken higher than that of beef


Americans ate an average of 107.6 pounds of fresh and processed fruit per person in 2012, down from a high of 131.3 pounds in 1999. Bananas and apples top the list of most popular fresh fruits. Orange juice consumption at 24.8 pounds (2.8 gallons) per person in 2012 puts oranges in the #1 spot for total fruit consumption.

America's favorite fruits

Americans consumed 52.3 pounds per person of potatoes and 31.1 pounds of tomatoes in 2012. Half of potato consumption was fresh, while 59 percent of tomato consumption was canned. French fries and pizza contribute to the high consumption of these two vegetables. The third highest vegetable, onions, came in at 8.1 pounds per person.


While Americans are consuming more dairy products and vegetables than in 1970, the average U.S. diet still falls short of USDA’s MyPlate recommendations for three major food groups. Americans, on average, consumed more than the recommended amounts of meat and grains in 2012, but less than the MyPlate-recommended amounts of vegetables, dairy products, and fruit.


Well… this weekend I’m definitely grabbing some salad instead. How about kick starting a healthy lifestyle this weekend?

Happy weekend in advance!


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