New Keyword Generation Tools To Include In SEO Toolbox

Screenshot of Keyword Revealer

Every year more and more players emerge in SEO market to ease the process of keyword research, link building or content generation. In these series, take a look at 3 new keyword research tools, that can change the way you look at brainstorming and choosing the right keywords for your business.

1. Keyword Revealer

keyword-revealer-keyword-toolThis software gives you a wide range of SEO tools from researching keywords to brainstorming and checking the rankings. Apart from the list of suggested keywords, you can analyze search volume, adwords CPC,estimated profit and keyword difficulty.

In this example for search query “halloween costume”, this tool suggested the keyword difficulty of 51, that indicates very high competition. You can also check Google top ten rankings along with page, domain authority and social media presence.

2. Twinword Ideas


New keyword tool in the market from Twinword, NLP technology based company will help you find long-tail keywords and tailor the suggestions to your business. You can easily sort keywords by relevance and user intent.

This tool emphasizes the use of related keywords in your copy. With target relevance you can easily identify what keywords are most relevant to your initial input.

3. Jaaxy 


Jaaxy is another comprehensive keyword research tool, that caught our attention.

One of the interesting data this tool provides along with keyword suggestions are QSR and SEO.

  • QSR stands for Quoted Search Results and indicates the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.
  • SEO score will ease your decision making process in choosing the keyword from the list, since it combines both traffic and competition parameters. According to Jaaxy, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank on the first page with this keyword.

Another innovative characteristic of this tool is the suggested related keywords, which can help you with LSI keywords.

Take this opportunity to check all new tools and explore standout features and benefits. Per each tool, the range of data varies, so see for yourself what tool fits your style the most. Let us know in the comments down below which tool you liked so far the best!

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  1. Great article! I noticed how you praised Jaaxy. I usually use Moz Keyword Explorer. Are they similar when it comes to final results?

    • Hi Nick,
      Good to see you again on our blog!
      We have not tested the full version of Moz Keyword Explorer, yet we ran a search for both tools and final results are pretty much similar.

      Jaaxy, we believe, is great for beginners, since they show overall SEO scores.
      Do you know if Moz also provides some kind of keyword evaluation?

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