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Previous post we talked about the 7 functions of Twinword Writer. Today, let’s take a deeper look at the back end of what powers Twinword Writer and why you should start using Twinword Writer for keeping notes!

Before we start, let us take a look at the video below which shows the power of the Topic Tagging API.


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Searching For Saved Notes 

In the video, the Topic Tagging API is used to power the search function at the left panel of Twinword Writer. As you can see, the search function allows the user to find notes related to the search keyword, even when it (the exact term) is NOT included in the notes.

What do I mean by that? Referring to the first example in the video, searching for “animal” triggered the search for similar words related to “animal”, which in this scenario, happens to be the word “bird”.research


Now to the important part of this post. The question is: How is this useful for me? For you who does a lot of research, you might relate to this scenario: having numerous tabs opened on your browser, not wanting to close either one of them, afraid that there might be some important parts that you might want to go back to.

Using Twinword Writer for keeping notes allows you to copy and paste all the information that you have gathered for your research first, and assess their usability later. CTRL + F doesn’t allow the search for words across the different tabs on your browser, but Twinword Writer offers the platform for you to so do!

Similar to the case shown in the video, you simply have to copy and paste unorganized data/texts onto Twinword Writer and utilize the search function on the left tab to comb through those information to search for what you want. With the advance search (powered by Topic Tagging API), you don’t even have to crack your head to recall the exact keyword to search. Simply enter the first word that comes to your head and let the advance search do its due diligence!

What’s more, you may also start writing your essay/thesis on a new tab on Twinword Writer, and get synonyms, words suggestions to facilitate better choice of vocabularies. Access Twinword Writer here and see for yourself!

Also, did I mentioned that Twinword Writer auto backup by saving your notes for you every few minutes?

PS: Looking for the next awesome research tool? Check out our browser search extension Twinword Finder here.


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