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We all know how important it is to start our day with some positive thoughts. Here’s a word of the day for you to kick-start your AMAZING Friday 🙂




Positive vibe has a snowball effect! So here’s an idea. How about sending some of these associated words to your colleagues and friends to brighten up their day? (:


awesome, impressive, surprising, excellent, great,wonderful, incredible, astonishing, marvelous,splendid, prodigious, exceeding, magnificent,incredibly, exceptional, phenomenal, superb,outstanding, surprisingly, remarkable, amaze,better, spectacular, imposing, grand, sensational,majestic, saintliness, grandeur, dignified, arresting,startling, astonish, impress, staggering, astounding,good, best, excel, superior, respect, super,solemnity, dignity, powerful, important, king, professional, celebrity, elegant, reputation,fantastic, fabulous, beautiful, extraordinary, regale



Charles Kim
Charles Kim

Contributor at Twinword, Inc.

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