Writing Tutor Service based on the big database of Association words

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As voice recognition has started to be used as a function in smart phones, ‘Natural language’ is getting more and more attention. To be able to recognize and process whatever words people say, a device needs an enormous database. Among the large pool of language databases, Twinword has concentrated on ‘Association words.’

Twinword has been studying what words people come up with in relation to a certain word and accumulating data with regards to this. Up until now, through an international English level test, they have been building a database of ‘Association words.’ This big data in the language field can be combined with various services and as a part of this Twinword is preparing for psychological tests and writing tools through association words.

Anyone can write but it is not easy to have good writing skills. To be a good writer, it is necessary to have a certain level of vocabulary and background knowledge. However, these skills are not easily learned. Twinword is developing a ‘Writing tutor’ service with which users can get an instant reference while they are writing. Users can instantly benefit from the massive database of association words that Twinword has been accumulating and broaden their vocabulary.

The CEO of Twinword, Kono Kim aims to open an API of the processing technology used for the big data application of association words and generate a synergy effect in many fields such as learning, marketing and working environment etc. The big data application of the words people think of when they hear a certain word can be utilized in numerous fields; optimizing search engines, marketing, psychological testing, voice services etc.

The demo of Twinword’s association word data can be experienced through their website.



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