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When we started building Twinword Finder, we assumed that related search was a better choice to help users with their search experience and believed that Ctrl+F lacks this functionality. However, we soon discovered that that was not always the case.

After launching Twinword Finder two months ago, we are delighted to see lots of favorable feedback. At the same time, we have come to realize that search intentions vary and change from moment to moment. We often found ourselves using exact word search after trying to search using the related words functionality. In short, one function could not always fulfill our information hunger needs.

Here are some exciting news. Feedback from Twinword Finder users is now being implemented. Let me share what small but big changes have been added in the recent new version.


1. Exact search is provided by double-quotation marks (“)

If you are sure about the exact words or phrase you need, now you can wrap the word or phrase in double-quotation marks and Twinword Finder will look for those exact matches in the exact order you typed. For example, when searching (“spicy food”) versus (spicy food), the latter will match all instances of (spicy) and (food), their inflections (spicier) and (foods), and related words (hot) and (dish), but the former will look only for (“spicy food”) exactly.




2. Remember your search intention

Your last search mode is remembered. In the list of words that show the matches found on the page, you can check and uncheck the “Related” matches or “Exact” matches groups to turn them on and off. The next time you search, that group will stay on or off. This will help when we continuously use related search or exact search. On top of that, checked and unchecked related words are remembered as well!




3. Use semantic distance button like map’s zoom in/out

Are you familiar with (+/-) buttons in Google Maps? If so, it’s time to enjoy (+/-) buttons with Twinword Finder. Click (+) to zoom in and focus on only closely related words or click (-) zoom out to see more loosely words.




These are just some of the changes that have been added recently. We are constantly making more and more improvements. Since our launch, in two months we have pushed over 40 updates of Twinword Finder to the Chrome Web Store, each time auto-updating our current 2,000+ users to the newest versions. We are constantly listening, so please send us any feedback you have to [email protected] or comment below. Thanks!



Kono Kim
Kono Kim
I am interested in natural language processing that combines computer science and linguistics.

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