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Claire Diaz-Oritz stated in her book: Design Your Day, about the productivity analogy that involves a jar, a couple of big rocks, and a ton of small pebbles. She explains that if you start filling the jar by pouring in the small pebbles, you won’t be able to fit the larger rocks. But if you reverse the process, start to fill the jar with the big rocks, all your pebbles will fit in nicely.

Life is the same way. It is important to prioritize and start your day with the most intensive task, before you start dividing up your life into a thousand tiny bits, responding to other people’s priorities (aka the checking and replying of emails), and run out of time, energy and resources to address your own.
According to a study from Harvard Business School, keeping a journal is one of the best strategies for learning about yourself and improving your professional performance over time! It doesn’t necessary have to be a draft of your to-do list or a lengthy research piece.

Take 10 minutes out of your morning routine and do some free writing to declutter your mind and prepare for the fresh start to a day.

It could be on any subject or issue that you are dealing with. Don’t overlook the positive. Remembering the good things (no matter how small they are) could help us to look at issues from a different perspective!

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