September 11, 2017
Person looking at wall of plans

Is My Business Idea Any Good? A Simple Way To Gauge Market Interest

You Have A Business Idea, Great! Is it a good idea? This is a question that you should try to answer before you even start investing your time and money. Many entrepreneurs build startups that fail and solutions that address problems that do no plague their target audience. Although we cannot avoid […]
December 22, 2015
Image of laptop screen showing Twinword API pricing

API Market Place vs. API Hub vs. API Directory vs. API Management

Here is a layman infographic differentiating between the nature of business for an API Market Place, API Hub, API Directory and API Management. Learn about the categories some of these well-known API companies fall under.   Learn more about Twinword and our Natural Language Processing technology. Visit our Homepage.    
August 19, 2015
Picture of a cool workplace

Amazing Office Spaces That We Love

It is said that working in the right environment promotes creativity, increases employee satisfaction, which in turns boost productivity. Workplace happiness seems to be the latest competitive trend to attract young talents to join the team. True to that, we see the rise of cleverly designed office spaces springing up all around […]