Category Recommendation

September 20, 2017
Text Similarity API Demo Screenshot

Document Similarity Checker API – Compare Between Two Documents

Compare between two documents, articles, paragraphs, sentences and see a score of how closely they are related semantically with Text Similarity API.
November 30, 2015
Computer screen next to a shopping cart that has two web pages in it

The Secret Behind Successful E-Commerce Businesses

Online shopping is addictive. Many would agree with me. How do these online stores know exactly what I want, and keep recommending merchandises that I am tempted to buy? E-Commerce businesses that sprung up during the bloom of the internet shopping are changing the traditional way of selling, bringing shopping experience to a whole new […]
July 7, 2015
Text Classification Demo

Discover Related Categories for Each Blog, Article, or Post.

Say goodbye to Category Recommendation API. Say hello to its upgraded self, Text Classification API. This new version, now renamed the Text Classification API, allows you to suggest related categories for any blog, article, or post. Previously, the endpoint only accepted a single word, but now it accepts a block of text instead. Test […]
September 25, 2013
Shopping search results showing how word associations and related words can help find related products

[PRESS RELEASE] Low-cost marketing strategy with big data?

Twinword Inc. (CEO Kono Kim,, a company specializing in the context information extraction technology which released a English word level-test system based on the database with associated words ‘Twinword Exam’ last February, has successfully publicized 6 API in an open market for developers, Mashape. API (Application Programming Interface) is an operating […]