computer linguistics

May 21, 2015
Screenshot of Twinword Lemmatizer API demo

Control the Output of the Lemmatizer V4

You can now change the output of our Lemmatizer API by passing it one of the nine flag options. Our lemmatizing API allows you to find the root of a word (more specifically the “lemma” of a word), taking inflections like “dogs” and returning “dog” or “abilities” and returning “ability”. To lemmatize […]
May 13, 2015
Portland Seattle International Beerfest wine glass held up with the Seattle Space Needle in the background

Beer Snacks! Chicken VS. Sausage?

Once upon a time, Washington Irving said: “They who drink beer will think beer.” Pretty thoughtful, huh? But the thing is that, the majority of beer lovers would think of other things as well, rather than just a bottle of beer! Especially when it comes to those perfectly spiced, fried, and crispy […]