Security and Privacy

September 10, 2017
Google Autosuggest illustrated

Google Peeks At Your Search History To Give You More Relevant Results

Did you know that Google uses your past search history to give you more relevant results? Here is an experiment you can try: In a private browser session (with no cookies), go to and just start typing “food ” (with a space following). You should see some autocomplete suggestions such as […]
December 19, 2015
Data Protection caption

Understanding Your Security & Privacy Rights

Previous post, we talked about how much of consumers’ information is being collected online constantly. This post, we explain the Security & Privacy Policy for our Browser Extension: Twinword Finder. Security and Privacy was and continues to be a huge concern for us when we develop our browser extension. “First and foremost, at […]
December 17, 2015
Twinword Finder banner

This is Why Google Knows You Better Than Your BFF

The following infographic adapted from The Wall Street Journal depicts what Google knows about us and why we should call Google our new BFF. It is indeed alarming that so much of our information is being collected at Google. How many of us actually read through each line of the Terms and Conditions […]