September 22, 2016
List of 5 Most Popular Startup Jargon caption

List of 5 Most Popular Startup Jargon

Every industry has its own unique jargon or glossaries, that have exclusive aura upon industry “experts”. Consulting or MBA prevail in jargon terminology. Booming startup sector is not an exception either. Take a look at the most widespread jargon and phrases used for describing tech savy opportunities. 1. MVP Creative way to […]
December 26, 2015
Can Machine Learn Slang caption

Can Machine Learn Slang?

Slags are words that has evolved/been altered over the years, heavily influenced by groups of people associating them with a certain kind of meaning. It is probably one of the most difficult aspect for English learners, given the fact that there are so many variations of slangs, differing per English-speaking city. Where […]