Growth Hacking: Targeting Users Of Similar Chrome Extensions Or App

Screenshot of Chrome Web Store

Are you finished with your Chrome Extension or App? Is it in the Chrome Web Store? Okay, now how do you get others to see how great your app is?

The following is a quick practical guide to only a single way to expose your app. There are other ways like utilizing Reddit, but we’ll leave that for another post.

Screenshot of Chrome Web Store


Step 1

Sign up and set up a Google Plus profile if you have not already done so with your company account.


Step 2

Make your Google Plus profile (NOT page) look like a page ALL about your extension or app. A) Make sure your banner is a screen shot or a banner showing your app or extension. B) Make some posts talking about your app (make sure to have good pictures), your competitors or apps similar to yours, and/or other topics related to your product. Create a post that links to your product and pin it to make it stay on top (make sure to have an image with a clear CTA).


Step 3

Find an app or extension in the Chrome Web Store where its users will find your product a good alternative or at the very least, find your product interesting. Focus on the write app to get good results.


Step 4

Click on each of the people who have reviewed the related app to go to their Google Plus page. When there, add them to your circle (you can create a circle that identifies where you found them).

Screenshot of Google Quick Scroll page in Chrome Web Store


What does this do? Well, when you add these users to your circle, some of them will genuinely be curious about who you are. They will then visit your Google Plus profile through Google Hangout and end up seeing images and posts about your app and/or competitors. This is why it is important you have a clear banner and also posts discussing your app and the related apps, such as the one these users initially reviewed.

Some of them will add you back and some will follow the CTA you pinned to the top and download your app. From experience, we have seen that though the numbers may be small, the conversion rate is high with the users who learned about our product this way.

If you want to take it one more step, for those who add your profile back, you can contact them through a hangout message or a hangout invite and offer them a personal thanks and some kind of promotional discount code.



Just in case you are curious, here is the product we used this tactic on: Twinword Finder. It is an extension that not upgrades your browser’s CTRL+F. Search more than exact matches. Search related words too.

Screenshot of Twinword Google Plus Profile featuring Twinword Finder



Joseph Shih
Joseph Shih
Keyword Researcher / Product Developer / Web and Mobile Application Developer at Twinword, Inc.

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