4 Tips to Stand Out as Online Marketer in 2016

The Best Marketing Strategy Ever: Care caption

What does it take to succeed as a marketer in 2016? Is it only passion involved or the integration of data and marketing tools? Take a look at 4 tips to level up as online marketer: 


1. Clear Goals

Since large objectives are long term investments, start setting up small achievable goals. Increasing the revenue and sales is an ultimate one for some of us, but try to focus on how you can accomplish it step by step. It is easy to visualize small goals and the key is to have realistic ones. As soon as you ready, make an actionable plan and determine which metrics can effectively measure your success.

2. Caring Attitude 

Committing to inbound marketing mostly without traditional face-to-face interaction, marketers have to genially care about customer to drive engagement. According to @garyvee:

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE”

Treating your audience as human beings, rather than sources of revenue or email address is a way to build long-term relationships. Social listening is one of the ways to help you understand customers better and tackle their pain points in the right direction and time. Customer-centric marketing requires both attention and engagement, that your company is able to build gradually from day one with caring attitude.

3. Proactive Tools 

It all comes down to optimizing the daily routines of Facebook posts, tweets, blog generation, SEO and email campaigns. With numerous tools available for marketers, now it is easier to integrate solutions for effective marketing strategy. To keep up social game, check these 2 awesome tools: 


Daily in your inbox find who is talking about your product, brand or industry. Includes referrals, tweets all in one integrated platform.

Mention Marketing Tool


Check what is trending now on social media and how each content performs across LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus.

BuzzSumo marketing tool

4. Patience and Learning 

With SEO and content marketing, the final numbers may take some time to finally pay-off. It does require time and patience. To remain long-term in business, it is essential to make constant improvements and continue learning new tactics. Keeping up with marketing trends is one of the challenges marketers have to face and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Share with us what “better marketer” means to you in the comment box down below! 

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Team Twinword
Team Twinword
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