Smart word finer - Twinword finder

No more anticipation, it’s finally here! We proudly present to you our latest application: TWINWORD FINDER!

Smart word finer - Twinword finder

Ever find yourself wading through a long article trying to find the paragraph that shows you the information you’re actually interested in?

We waste a lot of time skimming through huge chunk of text just to find what we want to read. With Twinword Finder, you can stop read-searching and start focus-finding. Twinword Finder doesn’t only highlight the words on a web page that matches your search query, it identifies the topic of your query and highlights all relevant contents.

Backed by the science of Semantic Search, this browser search tool aims to help reduce research time by providing related search results with improved accuracy, through understanding searcher intent and the contextual meaning of terms to generate more relevant results.

No more straining of eyes looking through pages of text, just search for any related word for the content you want and Twinword Finder will return with results in highlighted paragraphs!

Smart word finer - Twinword finder

Check out Twinword Finder here.

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