Types of Coffee in layman terms [Infographic]

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When it comes to the morning perk-me-up, nothing beats a cup of hot latte. To those caffeine addicts out there, I’m pretty sure you and I are on the same page: Oh, what would we do without our morning coffee!

Types of Coffee in layman terms

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Having said that, how much do you actually know about coffee? Have you been ordering the same old boring coffee everyday for the past 5 years? Well I don’t blame you for that, because I personally, am guilty of ordering the same old cafe latte everyday.

Partially, its human’s nature to resist change and to stick to the familiar taste in our comfort zone. But honestly, no one will try to hog up the queue at Starbucks, engaging the barista in a Q&A session for the types of coffee available!

Fret no more, for we have prepared a summary of 38 types of coffee and their basic concoction for you. If you could memorise all the proportion to make each coffee in this infographic, I would say you are halfway to being a barista!

38 ways to make a perfect Coffee



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With this knowledge, now we can proudly call ourselves coffee lovers! ^^



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