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Previous post, we talked about how much of consumers’ information is being collected online constantly. This post, we explain the Security & Privacy Policy for our Browser Extension: Twinword Finder.


Security and Privacy was and continues to be a huge concern for us when we develop our browser extension.

“First and foremost, at all times, NO content of web pages is ever recorded or sent to servers or anywhere else. Never.”

Error Reporting and Feedback
At any time, a user can turn ON/OFF automatic error reporting and feedback. And even when it is on, it doesn’t report anything unless the user is specifically using the extension. When a user is searching through the extension and automatic error reporting is on, still ONLY anonymous data is ever sent. This anonymous data only includes 1) extension settings, 2) the search query used in the extension, 3) the URL the extension was used to search on, and 4) whether if the search resulted in an error or not. Rest assured that when you turn OFF this setting, NO app settings, NO URLs, and NO search queries are ever reported.

Google Analytics
If automatic error reporting and feedback is turned OFF, the extension will respect the user’s choice and will NOT report anything to Google Analytics. It’s that simple. When error reporting and feedback is turned on, we use Google Analytics to continue to improve our products by using it as a repository for logging search errors and learning which features are important and which features are not useful to users so that we can continue to evolve our extension.

Search Operation and Privacy
When a user searches a single word (ie. “food”), the extension in your local browser already has all the information needed to find related paragraphs, so actually no connection to any servers is needed. However, when a user searches with a combination of word (ie. “hot foods”), a connection to Twinword API servers is needed to generate semantic distances (word-meaning relationships) to find the common topics between the words. So when multiple words are searched through the extension, only the words are needed to be sent to the server for the server to return a list of related topics and words. NO URLs, NO personally identifiable information, and NO other information is sent to our API servers, only the words, because other information is not necessary to generate a words list.

Secure Connection
All connections the extension uses are secured. When getting related topic and word lists (or when sending anonymous error reports) everything is sent over the latest and most updated secured SSL connections to prevent sniffing or man-in-the-middle attacks.

As we continue to improve and update our extension with new features, we will be vigilant about keeping privacy and security as a top priority.

If you haven’t already done so, download Twinword Finder now and stop wasting time reading EVERYTHING on web pages.


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